Hidden Treasures 1: iZombie

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Have you ever discovered something, a show, video game or book that was so awesome and you found yourself asking “Why are more people not into this?” As I scroll through reviews and blogs I have noticed that it is a trending theme and I am ready to bring those underground treasures to the forefront! Each week I will submit a post about a “Hidden Treasure” that in my opinion has been overlooked and should be receiving more popularity.This week I will present my case for a pretty cool spin on a zombie show; iZombie. So here me out on this and don’t worry, no spoilers!

iZombie is a series, loosely based on a comic, about a woman named Liv. Simple enough right? You’re typical Jane Doe. Liv is completing her residency at a hospital and is well on the road to becoming a doctor(Insert compliments here, beautiful, intelligent and living a perfect life). One night (the pilot episode of course) things take a turn and Liv is turned into a zombie. Now let’s take a guess at the preferred cuisine of a Zombie? You’re guessed it, Brains! Liv has to feed in order to survive so she alters her career path and starts working at a place where she can satisfy her appetite and not be found out; a Morgue! Working here Liv is able to safely sustain herself by feeding on the brains of murder victims. This is where things become even more intriguing with this series as a new perspective on zombies will be introduced. Liv begins to inherit attributes as well as memories of the murder victims for a period of time


Did I grab your attention yet? Well now you will have to watch the series to know more and see what happens next!

The story line and acting in my opinion is top notch and more people should be watching! Yet I know less than a handful of people who have even dared to watch episode 1. I’m very impressed with this new twist on zombies and I love a great mystery series. Don’t worry there’s plenty of action and the story will follow more than Liv’s secret. iZombie’s first 2 seasons can be found on Netflix.

If you are watching or have watched iZombie, what are your thoughts? Also, what are some “Hidden Treasures” that you know of and want to tell people about? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. I really need to watch more of this show (I’ve only seen the first couple episodes, but I liked what I saw and my best friend and my boyfriend both keep telling me how enjoyable it is).
    If you like this show you might be interested in reading a book series by Diana Rowland. The first book is called “My Life as a White Trash Zombie” and it actually has a lot in common with IZombie. 🙂
    I’ve read the first one, and I’ve got the second book at home but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.
    Here’s the GoodReads page for the first book in case you’re interested in checking it out some time:

    1. Thank you. Iwill definitely check it our. It’s funny, my co worker is the one who put me on to iZombie and game me the idea to start a weekly topic about a game or show that should have more recognition.

  2. I love izombie, and have watch both seasons on netflix. But i think there are a few irretating plot holes, like how does her heart beat when she is dead?

    1. Yea, I didn’t understand how they were able to check her pulse in the first episode lol. It’s like her vitals were fine, she just didn’t have alot of blood haha. I haven’t finished season 2 yet.

  3. Have only seen the first series. I have the second, but have to get to watch it – it is fun, even if (for some reason) it grosses me out at times. I mean I have watched Z nation and Walking Dead without feeling much more than identifying with the characters….but this series is a lot of fun, yes.

    1. Good morning! I haven;t watched season 2 yet either but I’m sure that I will get around to it here eventually lol. Some how I have jumped off the Walking Dead train, (at least I have last season). I think I’m over the whole zombie survival thing so I’m definitely enjoyed iZombie having a different premise.

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