Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA and RDR fans have been awaiting the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer as the official release date has yet to be announced. For any newbies, Red Dead Redemption is the western cousin of Grand Theft Auto featuring open world exploration, missions and a good ole fashion shoot out every now and them. The original Red Dead redemption installment of the franchise consisted of a variety of modes to keep gamers playing with DLC that followed months thereafter. Since there is limited information available for RDR2, I will provide a list of features that I loved from Red Dead Redemption and would love to see incorporated in RDR2.

Outlaws to The End Co-Op Mode- One of my favorite game modes rode in on the Outlaws to the End DLC. This game mode allowed you to play co-op missions with 2-4 players.  This game mode added a new element to the game along with new hideouts and back stories. You were also able to alter the difficulty and select your class each time you played. This co-op capability extends your maximum play time; however, I hope that in RDR2 more than 6 missions will be incorporated.

Legendary Animals- The integration of seeking out legendary animals was a huge bonus to the game as well. Whether you were traversing Bear Claw Camp looking for the giant bear who is crazy fast or freezing in the wood cabin waiting for the viscous legendary cougar it was a fun feat to try and take down the legendary creatures (the cougar was hands down the hardest lol). Adding more than 4 legendary animals to fight in my opinion will be a great additional to the game.

Gang Hideouts- When roaming through the Free Roam mode you can come across gang hideouts. You run in guns blazing killing everything in sight and collecting a huge reward (not to mention new weapons) was the majority of life spent playing RDR. I have no doubt that this feature of the game will continue on to Red Dead Redemption 2.

These are just a few of the features from Red Dead Redemption that I would like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2. I played several hours (as with GTA) roaming through the west shooting people off their horses and stealing them if it was a better fit. The customization feature was fun as well, selecting different types of characters to play as and upgrading outfits and mounts. I hope that Rockstar Games releases Red Dead Redemption 2 sooner than later.  You are able to start pre ordering the game through Gamestop or Amazon, however, it has not been announced as of yet if there will be any pre order bonuses so I would hold off. Take a look at the current trailer for the game and comment on what features you want to see included in the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

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      1. I have read your post and I think it is awesome that you love anime and started writing to connect with people and find friends with the same interests. I can say that your post resonated with me because I too wanted to find people who enjoyed the same quirky interests as myself. When I started the website (the 1st time) I originally wanted to find a forum to talk and meet new gamers. Then it escalated into a lot of geeky talk. So I made my own place to feature this stuff and also recognize awesome individuals. I want to give a voice to everyone (no matter the following) as long as they’re creative and genuine. When I read your Sailor Moon post, I knew that you were a genuine person so I followed (that and the name Matt N the Hat is epic!). Thank you, I appreciate it very much.

      2. Thank you very much for the comment. I was once invited to a forum as well but it wasn’t fun as much as I thought. Same like you, I wanted to express my voice. I am glad you like my Sailor Moon post. That title of my blog has a funny story. You deserve this award for helping me!

  1. I can’t wait for this game, I loved RDR, completed it on the 360 and then again twice on the PS3, such a wonderful game with so much to do, spend hours really doing nothing in it but it was so engrossing.

    Sigh, I have a book blog and I’m a big fantasy reader, love games to, loved The Witcher 3 and the fantasy sort of games but damn I like my cowboys and westerns and I want this game soon!😂

    1. Yea, I completed it on 360 then re downloaded on Xbox one when it became backwards compatible. I hope the game comes out before summer but that’s highly unlikely lol.
      What type of books do you like? I prefer the mystery/thriller types myself. The must recent book I’ve completed was Allegiant from the Divergent Series. 🙂

      1. Fantasy books mainly, particularly grimdark.

        Ah, before summer, would be awesome but I bet it won’t be until later in the year, oh well, lots of other great looking games coming out but I’d rather RDR 2 was out sooner and one of them later.😂

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