Here Comes Resident Evil 7!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends. As you may be aware Resident Evil 7 will be releasing this Tuesday January 24th, 2017. Here are a few things that you may want to know before jumping in!

A New Way to Play:

  • The resident evil franchise has upped its ante by allowing the player a realistic 1st person point of view. Playing a horror survival game intensifies when your peripheral and back are more exposed. Coupled with the creepy soundtrack of the game, you will be jumping out of your seat in no time.
  • Along with the point of view enhancement, Resident Evil 7 will be PlayStation VR compatible. If you have PlayStation VR the experience is going to be even more immersive when you journey through the Bayou of Louisiana.

Story Line:

The story will follow Ethan Winters are he investigates the disappearance of his wife. Too bad a crazed family known as the Bakers will be in his way.



  • You can play Resident Evil 7 Early if you are a Pro Member and pre order with Gamestop. Pro members can play as early as 9pm on January 23rd, 017. Also with your GameStop pre order you will receive receive a survival kit of herbs, first aid and a lucky coin. Not to mention the early access to “Madhouse Mode” (an extremely harder difficulty). GameStop will also be offering a +50% trade for pro members towards the purchase of RE 7 and +40% for non members.
  • Pre ordering the digital copy for Xbox will include the Survival Pack and “Madhouse Mode.
  • Pre Ordering From PS4 you will receive the Survival Kit, access to “MadHouse Mode,” Resident Evil theme and a code for 40% off of the Resident Evil Movie Collection on the PlayStation Store.

The deluxe versions of Resident Evil 7 will include the Season Pass.


That’s it in a brief nutshell. If you are looking for the next version of a horror survival game then you only have to wait 5 more days! Enjoy and Game On!


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